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Game details
Number of players : 1-4
Recommended age : 6+
Playtime : 20 minutes
Languages : Language Independent
BGG Rating : 6.4
Product information  
Weight : 1022g  
Dimensions (W*D*H) : 297*297*52  
Game description

Welcome to the crazy claw machine! Pick Me Up! is a fast recognition game with funny pickers and cute artwork. This game will lead you to a boisterous party!

Korean : 주사위를 굴려 나온 조건에 따라 타일을 재빨리 가져오는 게임입니다.
주사위의 표정, 색깔, 개수조건을 잘 보고,
조건에 맞는 타일을 실시간으로 찍어서 가져오세요.

54 Character tiles
10 Bonus tiles
4 Pickers
1 Color dice
1 Expression dice
1 Number dice
1 Rulebook (En/Kr)

Korean : 인형 타일 54개
보너스 타일 10개
스틱 4개
색깔 주사위 1개
표정 주사위 1개
숫자 주사위 1개
룰북 (한글/영어)
How to play

To play, shuffle all of the tiles, then place them at random in the twelve spaces of the plastic tray. Each player takes a "picker" that can pick up the tiles and make sounds. One player rolls the three dice, with the dice having three colors, 3 kinds of eyes, and 3 kinds of numbers. After seeing the dice, everybody races to find tiles that match all three symbols on the dice, picking them up as quickly as they can. If no matching tiles are in the tray, raise your picker and say "Beep-beep!"; whoever is slowest to do so loses one tile that they've collected.
As soon as the grid has five empty spaces in it, the game ends and whoever has collected the most tiles wins!

Korean : 인형타일들을 잘 섞어서 12개의 칸에 잘 나누어줍니다.
모든 플레이어는 스틱을 이용해 주사위에 해당되는 인형 타일을 뽑아오면 됩니다.
한 명의 플레이어는 주사위 3개를 굴립니다. 주사위에 해당되는 인형 타일을 스틱을 이용해서 뽑아오세요
더 이상 뽑아올 해당 인형 타일이 없으면 스틱을 눌러 소리를 내세요.
누가 더 많은 인형타일을 모을 수 있을까요?

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  • 5
    The best birthday gift

    Posted by Esther on 24th Dec 2021

    I bought some more pick me up board games for my daughter's friends' birthday gifts. Parents and kids were really appreciated for the gifts last time as well. Great for family fun and play date.