Dali the Fox

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Game details
Number of players : 2-4
Recommended age : 5+
Playtime : 15 minutes
Languages : Language Independent
BGG Rating : 6.7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKaaeRpTkFM 
Product information
Weight : 585g
Dimensions (W*D*H) :230*125*137
Game description

Dali is a fox and an artist.
And when he first saw an egg, he immediately fell in love with its round, elongated and beautiful curves, eager to paint nice pictures on it.
So, one day, he finally decides to sneak into a chicken farm and steal eggs. But the farmer keeps an eye on his chicken day and night.
So, how can Dali possibly steal ten eggs without the farmer noticing him?

Korean : 달걀 아티스트 꼬꼬여우는 달걀이 언제나 모자라요.
최고의 달걀 아티스트가 되려면 달걀 10개가 필요해요!
과연 닭들 몰래 달걀을 가져와 최고의 아티스트가 될 수 있을까요?

1 Egg warehouse
1 Set of stickers
36 Eggs
1 Farmer dice
2 Egg dice
Rulebook (Kr)

*** Will attached English Rule book

Korean : 달걀창고 1개
스티커 1세트
달걀 36개
농부 주사위 1개
달걀 주사위 2개
룰북 (한글)
How to play

Players take turns at playing Dali’s role, trying to steal eggs. To do so, roll each time three dice simultaneously and choose which color of eggs to steal.
The players may pick the color which is not chosen before, or which of the eggs the farmer is not protecting.
Once a player has successfully stolen an egg of the chosen color, they may keep trying to steal one more. But if they fail, all the eggs picked this round will be lost.
The player who steals 10 eggs first wins the game.

Korean : 세개의 주사위를 굴리세요.
주사위를 색깔에 맞에 배치해서
달걀 주사위에 나온 색 중 1가지를 선택하거나, 2가지를 섞어 만든 색을 선택할 수 있습니다.
(단, 농부 주사위와 같은 색 달걀은 선택할 수 없어요)
성공했다면 한번 더 도전하거나, 도전을 멈추고 달걀을 가져옵니다.
가장 먼저 10개의 달걀을 모으면 승리합니다. 

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