Crazy Eggz

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Game details
Number of players : 2-4
Recommended age : 7+
Playtime : 15 minutes
Languages : Languages Independent
Product information
Weight : 449g
Dimensions (W*D*H) : 300*105*70
Game description

There are eggs all over the place! You are the chicken, and you have to grab, stand and hide these crazy eggs to get them.
Take as many eggs as possible and be the best chicken of all!

Korean : 에그를 얻기 위해서는 액션 주사위에 따라 재빨리 행동해야 합니다!
가장 먼저 에그 5개를 모아 게임에서 승리하세요!

9 Orange eggs
1 Blue egg
1 Egg stand
1 Action die (Red)
1 Body die
1 Rulebook(Kr)

*** Will attached English Rule book

Korean : 주황색 에그 9개
파란색 에그 1개
에그 받침대 1개
액션 주사위 1개(빨간색)
위치 주사위 1개(흰색)
How to play

When the top of the die is red, the first person to act correctly takes the egg on the stand, then rolls the placement die and places the egg on the indicated location of their body. When the top of the die is blue, the last person to act returns one egg back to the egg box. If this player doesn't have any egg, nothing more happens.
The first player to collect five eggs wins Crazy Eggz (or the player who has the most eggs if all ten eggs are taken). Take as many eggs as possible, and be the best chicken of all!

Korean : 한명의 플레이어가 에그 1개를 선택해 받침대에 세워둔후,
액션 주사위를 굴리면 참가자들은 주사위의 결과를 보고 재빨리 표시된 행동을 합니다. 결과에 따라 참가자들은 에그를 얻거나 잃습니다.
얻게되면 위치주사위를 굴려 에그를 몸에 품습니다.
같은 방식으로 누군가 5개의 에그를 얻을때까지 계속 진행합니다.

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