Beaver Tower

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Game details
Number of players : 2-4
Recommended age : 7+
Playtime : 20 minutes
Languages : Language Independent
Product information(game description)
Weight : 639g
Dimensions (W*D*H) : 250*168*60
Game description

There are vigorous beavers in the mountain valley.
We need to make a cool and vertiginous tower for beavers to play at. Build a tower they want and bring as many as possible to the tower!

Korean : 귀여운 비버들의 '타워쌓기대회'가 열렸어요!
타워카드와 손모양카드를 보고 가장 빠르고 정확하게 타워를 완성하세요!

4 Sets of wooden blocks
7 Beaver meeples
50 Double-sided tower cards
1 Set of score tokens
6 Construction rule cards

*** Will attached English rulebook

Korean : 나무블럭 4세트
비버토큰 7개
타워카드(양면) 50장
점수 토큰 1세트
건설 규칙 카드 6장
How to play

Use only the hands and fingers presented on the construction rule card to build the tower shown on the tower card. When you finished building the tower, you have to put the beavers on it. You will earn additional points for the number of beavers you put on your tower. After the 6th round, the player with the highest score wins.

Korean : 타워카드와 손모양카드를 공개합니다.
제시된 손 모양을 사용하여 블럭을 쌓습니다.
완성한 타워에 비버 토큰을 올리면 점수를 받습니다.
라운드별 점수를 합해서 가장 많은 점수를 얻은 플레이어가 승리

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